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Who we are?

AGL was founded in 2008 and specializes in techno-operational services and solutions within the private sector and the military industry. We believe the best way to help our clients is through

our directand supportive guidance.

We accomplish this goal by writing the proposal while keeping

in mind today’s needs and technologies. We design and

develop the product’s interface with careful and complete instructions for the end users.

Our team members have a rich, operational background

in the Israeli Air Force. They live and breathe the atmosphere

of technological aviation. We truly understand the user’s needs

and constantly strive to enhance our customer’s product,

each and every day.

Credibility, professionalism and thoroughness are our priorities.

We only take on projects that we are confident we can help

bring to fruition. We make a point of sticking to a schedule,

and always ensure full transparency to our customers.

Our Team

Were able to do all this

because of our awesome team!

Itamar Zarfati


Dekel Noyhauz


Avner Fisher


VP Operations

VP Business development

Uri Gobernik


Oded Hefetz

VP UX/UI System design

VP Research & Project management services

Were a game changer in this industry thanks to

our human capital and operational experience.


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